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Select-a-Term Rapid Rater - Excludes Riders
The Guaranteed Annualized Premium and Guaranteed Base Policy Death Benefit shown are for the initial level term period only. The Policy is renewable annually until the policy anniversary nearest the insured's 95th birthday. The premiums are guaranteed level for the initial level term period only. The death benefit decreases immediately following the level term period. The post-level term period premiums generally remain the same immediately following the level term period but often become greater in ensuing years. See your policy for details.

Issue Age is Calculated as Age Nearest Birthday

This Quotation is designed to help you understand the proposed policy. It demonstrates how benefits and premiums are affected by different assumptions. This Quotation does not include riders.

Premiums are shown only for the period for which they are guaranteed to be level. All premiums quoted are guaranteed for the underwriting class shown on the Quotation. The premium rates will ultimately depend on the outcome of the underwriting process and may vary significantly from what is shown on this Quotation.


Select-a-Term premium rates are current as of October 25th, 2021.

Premiums for other rate classes, ages and payment plans are available. Premium charges will depend on each applicant’s evidence of insurability. Premiums increase at the end of the level term period if the policy is renewed. Death benefit remains level and is payable in lump sum, or installments, if so elected. The insurance company may contest the policy for two years from date of policy issue for material misstatements or omissions on the application. Death benefit is payable from any cause, except suicide within first two policy years. In the event of suicide in the first two years, policy is limited to return of premium paid.

Policies Issued by:
American General Life Insurance Company, 2727-A Allen Parkway, Houston, Texas 77019

Select-a-Term Policy Form Number ICC19-19311 or 19311 .

American General Life Insurance Company is the sole issuer of Select-a-Term Policies.

The underwriting risks, financial and contractual obligations, and support functions associated with the products issued by American General Life Insurance Company (AGL) are its responsibility. Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. AGL is a member of American International Group Inc., (AIG). AIG does not underwrite any policy described herein.

American General Life does not solicit business in the state of New York. Policies and Riders are not available in all states.

Important: Prior to soliciting business, be certain that you are properly licensed and appointed with the insurer and that the product has been approved for sale by the insurer in that state. If uncertain, contact your American General Life representative for assistance.